All Americans Are Red Blooded and Bleeding Profusely in All States

All Americans Are Red Blooded and Bleeding Profusely in All States

Dear Care For Crash Victims Community Members:

During my years working at NHTSA I learned from studies of crashes, injuries, treatments, and outcomes that causation is a multi factorial problem.  And many opportunities – vehicular, environmental, and behavioral – are available for legal and design improvements to build a safer America.  See Haddon Matrix at

Red State and Blue State Tragedies

Fair Warning has published an article on the enormous problems of vehicle violence and how it affects people by State.

It shows that the problem is greater in Red States than Blue States.  See

The problem is both huge and bi-partisan.  And bi-partisan solutions are both needed and should be applied.

As Nader has said “This country has far more problems than it deserves and far more solutions than it applies.” See American Blessings, p. 15.

As the nation is currently on track to record its 4 millionth death from vehicle violence in the coming decade we must do more and do better at protecting Americans here from a very clear and present danger of vehicle violence.

The rate of vehicle violence deaths and injuries is growing from the current rate of

* 100 deaths per day on average.

* 400 serious injuries per day. These include crippling brain, spinal cord, burn, skeletal injuries.

* Losses estimated by DOT to be valued at $2 Billion per day.

All this at a time when humankind has more technologies available  to end vehicle violence deaths and serious injuries than ever before in history.   America still lacks a national Vision Zero goal to end such tragedies in or by new vehicles a decade.  See 

Red State and Blue State Strategies

Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety have just released a report card on what each State can and should do to improve their Safety laws.  See

Let’s build a safer America.

Lou Lombardo

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