Covering Up the VW Diesel Scandal

Dear Care For Crash Victims Community Members:

Legal Reader has published an article on this deadly scandal.  See

The article by Jack Ewing of the NY Times reports on deceptively rigged research funded by auto companies that forced monkeys to breathe automotive diesel exhaust gases.  The testing was rigged so that exhaust gases during the test were controlled to much lower levels than produced during road use.

In the article I include a 1975 EPA Report showing an oil Industry effort to similarly deceive with “scientific” experiments forcing monkeys to breathe nitrogen oxide pollutants.

Since 1975 Americans have been forced to breathe more automotive pollutants than they would have if the laws had been properly complied with.  The result is more early deaths due to air pollutants.

Under just the first year of the Trump Administration an estimated 55,000 people have suffered early deaths due to automotive air pollutants.

What government and industry do and don’t do can make important differences to the safety of the public.

Lou Lombardo

Republican Racketeers – Violent Roots of Republican Policies

Dear Care for Crash Victims Community Members:

Kleptocrats are now running government in Washington.  What are we the people to do to protect ourselves?

We have reached the point in history when we must ask the existential question “To be or not to be?”

MIT Professor Noam Chomsky has labeled the Republican Party “the most dangerous organization in world history”.

Legal Reader has kindly published a pro bono article I submitted on this subject.

The footnotes are live links to documents that were the basis of the article.  In particular see interview of Prof. Chomsky at
Can we look to the legal profession?  Will Blue State Attorneys General step up to the need for legal remedies?

The NY Times’ Danny Hakim reports on the efforts of one such AG at

Please see the NY Times article’s “Most Recommended” comments. 

“N. Smith

New York City 2 days ago

This is nothing new. Eric Schneiderman set himself on a collision course against Donald Trump when he first set his eyes on the questionable charitable activities of the Trump Foundation during the course of the presidential campaign.
It would only be a matter of time before one thing lead to another — as anyone familiar with Trump’s business practices would be quick to tell you.
By reaching this recent “milestone”, the New York Attorney General remains one of the strongest of lone voices in the wilderness.
Thank you, Mr. Schneiderman. Well done, Sir.


Kansas 2 days ago

Anything anyone can do to divest our country from the horrid menace in the White House is welcome. In addition, a national movement to vote against any politician running as a Republican should begin now. The Republican Party is a bottom feeding organization. Our democracy is threatened as never before by self serving Republican politicians who are putting their personal financial interests ahead of their constitutional oath. It is time to wash the Republican stain from the halls of Congress.”

What will readers do?

Lou Lombardo

Voices of Victims: New Hope for Victims of Violence

Dear Care for Crash Victims Community Members:

At one of the darkest hours for Americans in decades, there comes a breakthrough in ways for citizens to politically fight for safety.

We, the people, now have a new organizing tool to help end vehicle violence. And it can be used to help end many types of violence too.

Legal Reader has published an article I submitted, pro bono, on this tool to empower victims to share their stories and organize for more effective advocacy.

This citizen breakthrough enables people to join forces to advance safety from many types of violence. Please read about what one crash victim, Marianne Karth, has created for us all.

Voices of Victims: New Hope for Victims of Violence

Lou Lombardo–

Victims Victorious in AL

Dear Care for Crash Victims Community Members:

Victims of Violence Victorious

On 12/12/17 enough victims of violence voted in Alabama to become victors.

Sexual Violence 

Violence against women was rejected at the polls.

Sexual violence was rejected when enough victims spoke out e.g. #MeToo to become victors.  See


Racial Violence
Racial violence was rejected when enough people of color who have suffered for centuries from white supremacist policies voted Enough!.

“Jones’ victory was fueled by huge turnout — and near-unanimous support — from black voters.
Turnout was much stronger in heavily African-American counties, relative to recent presidential elections, than in rural, white counties” See
We have all been victims of violence for far too long.
Environmental Violence
50 years of “Legal” Climate Change has created an existential threat to us all today.  See

Political Violence
The silent violent capture of our government – all three branches – by Big Money has greatly moved us to a primitive state of governance.  See
Judicial Violence
The current attacks on Justice for and by the people are happening today.  See
Violence Against The American People
The strategy and tactics that have been used to steal the American Dream have been described by leaders.  See
Perhaps now enough Americans are being aroused to act on their own behalf to take charge of their own future – for the better.
Lou Lombardo

Justice For The People? Trump Reshapes Judiciary

Dear Care for Crash Victims Community Members:

Legal Reader has published a pro bono article I submitted on increasing politicization of the judiciary and climate change.

This does not bode well for humanity – our planet, our fellow Americans breathing polluted  air, and being injured in crashes.

My Trump Clocks are now showing that Early Deaths by Auto Air Pollution now are estimated to be exceeding the deaths due to auto crashes.


My experience with the judicial system suggests a need for improvement – rather than degradation if we are to protect the public. 

 Lou Lombardo


Another Jeep Fire Death

Dear Care for Crash Victims Community Members:


“Erica Scannavino, 32, burned to death inside a 1996 Jeep Cherokee in July 2017 after she was hit from behind while making a left turn, according to a lawsuit her parents filed. They blamed her death on FCA, formerly known as Chrysler.


“Even as Chrysler awaits a decision from the Georgia Supreme Court on its appeal of a $40 million judgment in the case of an exploding gas tank, the company now must defend itself against another similar lawsuit filed last week in Gwinnett County State Court.

Erica Scannavino, 32, burned to death inside a 1996 Jeep Cherokee in July 2017 after she was hit from behind while making a left turn, according to a lawsuit her parents filed. They blamed the crash on the driver who hit her, but they blamed her death on Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA).

The circumstances of Scannavino’s death appear eerily similar to those of 4-year-old Remi Walden, whose parents’ case is pending before the high court. Both vehicles had a rear-mounted gas tank sitting behind the axle. Both ignited after crashing.

But Scannavino’s Jeep also had a steel trailer hitch the company added aftermarket to address safety concerns about the gas tanks rupturing on impact, according to the lawsuit and a U.S. Department of Transportation report. The hitch only made matters worse, according to the lawsuit.

“As the vehicle was hit, the trailer hitch crushed into the gas tank and punctured it, exacerbating the deformation of the gas tank,” the lawsuit said. “The gasoline ignited and the subject vehicle became engulfed in flames.” Scannavino was trapped inside even as others tried to rescue her and “after some time, was burned alive,” the lawsuit said.”


When will we the people ever learn how to provide sufficient justice to end such tragedies?

Legal Reader publishes Article on the Purposes of Law Schools. Lawyers, and Our Laws

Dear Care for Crash Victims Community Members:
A Harvard law student, Pete Davis, has written a report on the purposes of law schools.  It was published as I remembered the contributions of the late Clarence Ditlow and other safety leaders to advancing the public interest through the achievement of greater justice.
Legal Reader has published a pro bono article I submitted that is a call to action for an elevation of the purposes of law schools.

There is a wonderful graphic of Lady Justice blindfolded and straining while holding the scales of Justice where she can hear the pleas of millions of people seeking safety, health, and happiness for all – and disgusted by the stench of Big Money outweighing the public interest.

See the Lady Justice graphic and the article at

As we remember Veterans who have sacrificed so much over the decades for us all, let us think of the purposes of their sacrifices.

Please add your thoughts on how we can improve the safety and health of the people through the law.

Lou Lombardo