Care for Crash Victims – Good News!

Dear Care for Crash Victims Community Members:

As NHTSA is about to record the 4 millionth American death due to crash injuries.  I described the history of crash deaths in 2016.


It is now time to report some good news.

Unfortunately the good news is not from NHTSA.

The good news is that Consumer Reports has initiated a campaign to get NHTSA to do its job.

Consumer Reports has launched a campaign to get NHTSA to mandate, as a Motor Vehicle Safety Standard, that automakers provide Automatic Crash Notification and URGENCY software with information on the probability of the presence of serious injury.  Such equipment would be required in all new vehicles free of charge.

The lack of such lifesaving equipment is a problem that I have worked on since 1991 when an airbag equipped Volvo resulted in a fatality without such protection.  See Case number 91-002 at

See my article on the Consumer Reports Life Saving Initiative at

The potential to save lives is enormous.

Truck Underride Crash Victims Make Their Case For Safety

Dear Care for Crash Victims Community Members:

Crash victims of Truck Underride Tragedies are taking their case for safety to the one court higher than the Supreme Court – the Court of Public Opinion.

Marianne Karth who lost two daughters in a truck underride crash has been working intensely along with many others for greater safety for years.  And now support for safety is growing stronger.

Legal Reader has kindly published an article on the subject that I have submitted Pro Bono.

Please see


Choose Wisely to Save Money, Aggravation, and Possibly Your Life

Dear Care for Crash Victims Community


The best information source to help you be smarter and to be safer is Consumer Reports.

I have just written an article, pro bono, for Legal Reader to help readers make wiser auto purchasing decisions. 


But consumers need the best possible purchasing auto safety information — especially as crash fatalities and serious injuries continue to grow.

And people need Consumer Reports to do more and better.

One important thing Consumer Reports can do is add information on the number and location of airbags in each model.  The IIHS has such information and can collaborate with Consumer Reports to make it more widely available. 


In addition, Consumer Reports can inform its readers of the safety importance of the car color choice with “White” being about 10% safer. 


Be informed.

Be wise.

Be safer.

Joy to the World of Crash Victims

Dear Care for Crash Victims Community Members:

After 3 decades of work to improve care for crash victims, I am pleased to report life saving progress.

Legal Reader has published a recent article that I submitted “pro bono”.

May this new technology continue to improve and save many more people’s lives.

Be safe,

Lou Lombardo

Top 10 Preventable Injuries in the U.S.A.

Dear Care for Crash Victims Community Members:

The National Safety Council has published an infographic that conveys important information about the injury problem in America.

Please see that Motor Vehicle related deaths as of 2020 are now in second place tied with Falls.  But Falls are the number one cause of injuries in America.

Legal Reader has just published an article I submitted pro bono on the subject of Prevention of Fall deaths and injuries.

I hope you will find this information helpful in bringing about life saving and injury prevention ASAP.

Prevention of Fall deaths and injuries is now increasingly possible.

For more health and safety for all of us.


Will Inflation + Devastation + Putin + MBS Wake Enough Democrats in Time?

Dear Care for Crash Victims Community

My work on auto safety taught me about the Fed’s long history of helping Republicans gain and retain power.

My latest pro bono article for Legal Reader addresses the need for others to know this history which I now call Sinflation.

I hope this helps us all.

Corporate Governance: Inflation, The Fed, & Political Power

Dear Care for Crash Victims Community Members:

Inflation is rising.

The Fed is raising Interest Rates.

Who benefits?

Who is pulling the strings?

To what end?

As a NHTSA employee in the 1970’s under Jimmy Carter I worked to get airbag crash protection into cars.

The Fed back then raised interest rates to 18% by Election Day in 1980 and then raised rates to 21% on Reagan’s Inauguration Day.

Reagan appointed a coal industry lobbyist to head NHTSA who rescinded the airbag rule and cut NHTSA staff by 300 safety workers (33% of the NHTSA staff).  That reduced staffing level remains to this day.

 Two of us asked a statistical analyst to examine the history of Fed Interest rates back to its creation in 1913 to see if there was any political pattern.

He found that in general there was a pattern.  The Fed generally raised interest rates in the last two years when Democrats held the White House and reduced interest rates in the last two years when Republicans held the White House.

It looks like a Political Playbook that is at work today.

See my pro bono article published today by Legal Reader.  See