Monthly Reports


Ignorance or Safety

February, 2016

Policies and Politics of Auto Safety

January, 2016


Strategy & Tactics for Safety & Justice

December, 2015

GM is Number 1 – Vehicle Deaths With No End in Sight

November, 2015

Jail for Health, Safety, and Justice

October, 2015

GM Is Number 1 in Occupant Deaths

September, 2015

Crash Victims’ Votes

August, 2015

Dangers, Calls for Help, & Responses

July, 2015

Emergency Care for Crash Victims – Too Little, Too Late, for Too Many Americans

May-June, 2015

New Book “Car Safety Wars” by Michael R. Lemov

April, 2015

Consumer Reports 2015 Annual Auto Issue

March, 2015

Vision Zero & A Tale of Two Volvos

February, 2015

Empowering Consumers to Protect Themselves From Crash Deaths and Serious Injuries

January, 2015


Deadly Defects – Corporate & Governmental

December, 2014

What do crash victims have to be thankful, and not thankful, for?

September-November, 2014

Senate Hearings Scheduled for September 16, 2014 on NHTSA Role in GM Recall Coverup

August, 2014

NHTSA Next in Senate Hearings on GM Recall Scandal

June-July, 2014

GM Crash Death Problems – Bigger Than The Public Knows

May, 2014

GM & NHTSA’s Defective Decision Making – People Died Needlessly

April, 2014

Who is Responsible for the Last Decade of Crash Deaths

March, 2014

What Will Congress Ask NHTSA and GM Next Week?

March, 2014

Helping Consumers Buy Cars With Auto Safety Information

February, 2014

Race to Stop Crash Deaths in Our Cities in a Decade

January, 2014


Petition to NHTSA Administrator David Strickland, FICEMS, and NEMSAC

Rollover Crash Victims Suffer Decades of Deadly Influences

December, 2013

Consumers Buying More White Cars and Greater Safety

November, 2013

Can Condolences Turn Tragedy Into Safety?

October, 2013

Heath Insurance & Lower Crash Fatality Rates by State

October, 2013

NHTSA CIREN – Defending Rigged Rescue Rules for Crash Victims

September, 2013

New State by State Crash Death Mapping Tool to Gain Bi-partisan Political Support for Safety

August, 2013

Ranking Crash Deaths by State — Red and Blue States Compared

July, 2013

Researchers in Germany Find 25% Reduction in Mortality Risk using Helicopter EMS

July, 2013

Building a Safer America

July, 2013

Chrysler Gambling on Jeep Recall Refusal

June, 2013

Tragic Losses

May, 2013

2013 EMS Today National Conference

March, 2013

3 Steps To Reduce Crash Deaths

January, 2013