NHTSA Report on EMS 1968
Airbag Protected Crash Victims – The Challenge of Identifying Occult Injuries – 1994
NHTSA Statistical Reports on URGENCY 1.0 for Dr. Howard R. Champion Project 1997


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Relationships between Crash Casualties and Crash Attributes 1997
NHTSA Briefing on URGENCY 1.0 1997
Automatic Crash Notifications 1998
NTSB International Symposium on Transportation Recorders 1999
URGENCY AirMed 1999
ACN Evaluation 2001
Development and Validation of the Urgency Algorithm to Predict Compelling Injuries 2001
GM OnStar Paper 2002
The Atlas and Database of Air Medical Services (ADAMS) 2003
Reducing Deaths with Automatic Wireless Transmission of URGENCY Injury Probability Ratings from Crashes to EMS – 2003
ESV Paper on URGENCY 2005
Assessment of Air Medical Coverage Using the Atlas and Database of Air Medical Services and Correlations With Reduced Highway Fatality Rates 2005
BWM Video 2009
The Importance of Vehicle Rollover as a Field Triage Criterion 2009
JS Final NHTSA Vehicle Deaths GraphData Percentages States 06-15-15-1 2015
Time and Place of Death from Auto Crashes 2015