1970s Pollution Control Efforts

June 9, 1967A Strategy For A Livable Environment Report Of The DHEW Task Force On Environmental Health And Related Matters July 1967
September 3, 19691969 House Congressional Record on Smog Conspiracy (pp 24035...)
September 3, 1969Rep. Eckhardt release and DOJ Letter
September 11, 1969DOJ Consent Decree Press Release
October 3, 1969Congressional Record October 3 1969 Nader Statement
April 27, 1971
Nixon Auto Industry Meeting Transcript April 1971
May 18,1971Rep. Burton Release of Secret DOJ memo that Recommended Criminal Prosecution of Auto Companies in 1969
May 18, 1971May 18, 1971 House - Congressional Record on Smog Conspiracy (29 mb) (pp 15626...)
August 23, 1971Lewis Powell Memo August, 1971
September 7, 1971Our Urban Environment Report 1971
November 19, 1971EPA Whistle Blow Firing Nov. 1971
November 20, 19711972 House Hearing on Clean Air Act 
February 4, 19721972 Senate Hearing on Inner City Environment (25 mb)
May 17, 1973Public Interest Campaign Letter on Clean Air 1973
August, 1974Get the Lead Out 1974
July 28, 19751975 Court decision in Lombardo v. Handler lawsuit against NAS under FOIA and FACA for public access to air pollution documents
October 29, 19751975 Senate Hearing on Consumer Fuel Disclosure Act