Care for Crash Victims – Good News!

Dear Care for Crash Victims Community Members:

As NHTSA is about to record the 4 millionth American death due to crash injuries.  I described the history of crash deaths in 2016.


It is now time to report some good news.

Unfortunately the good news is not from NHTSA.

The good news is that Consumer Reports has initiated a campaign to get NHTSA to do its job.

Consumer Reports has launched a campaign to get NHTSA to mandate, as a Motor Vehicle Safety Standard, that automakers provide Automatic Crash Notification and URGENCY software with information on the probability of the presence of serious injury.  Such equipment would be required in all new vehicles free of charge.

The lack of such lifesaving equipment is a problem that I have worked on since 1991 when an airbag equipped Volvo resulted in a fatality without such protection.  See Case number 91-002 at

See my article on the Consumer Reports Life Saving Initiative at

The potential to save lives is enormous.

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