Americans Were Warned But Fiat Chrysler Jeep Tragedies Continue

Dear Care for Crash Victims Community Members:

For years, Americans have been warned, but our “captured” government and corporate supremacy have failed to protect us.

“June 8, 2013

Dear Care for Crash Victims Community Members:

CNN article and accompanying videos do an excellent job of alerting the public to the life or death problem of Chrysler Jeep fires. See

More than 100,000 people so far have signed petition for recall. See


Center for Auto Safety Letters to Chrysler and Fiat. See

CAS Asks Fiat/Chrysler Chairmen Elkann & Marchionne to Recall Jeeps that Burn Children to Death in Rear Impacts”


Today another foreseen and preventable tragedy is reported.

“A fatal accident this week involving a Jeep SUV has revived criticism from safety advocates that a federally sanctioned recall plan to keep the vehicle’s fuel tank from igniting in rear-end crashes didn’t go far enough to protect motorists.

Vicki Hill, 58, of Elyria, Ohio, died early Monday morning after her 2007 Jeep Liberty was rear-ended.


Americans need to recapture their government for their future safety and happiness.
Lou Lombardo

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