BMW to Offer Automatic Crash Notification + Urgency Algorithm

BMW to Offer Automatic Crash Notification + Urgency Algorithm

October, 2014

Dear Care for Crash Victims Community Members:

BMW announces at the Paris Auto Show a potentially life saving system that was developed by NHTSA in prototype form in 1997.  Landmark papers on URGENCY Algorithm work that I had a role in are available at:“BMW Assist eCall and TeleService. The new BMW X6 is equipped with the BMW Assist eCall system and TeleService including a 10 year subscription. The system relays important information to the BMW Call Center in the event of a crash, such as vehicle position (accurate to within feet), chassis number, vehicle model, vehicle color and data from the onboard sensors. The system also detects how many people are travelling in the vehicle, which airbags were activated and the intensity of the impact. Thanks to the company’s ground-breaking Urgency Algorithm, the system also uses data from the vehicle’s crash sensors to assess and transmit the likelihood of severe injury. This makes it easier to supply first responders with critical information in a timely fashion.” See

The American people deserved to have this safety technology protecting them more than a decade ago.  Political influence led by GM has prevented NHTSA from setting standards for the use of this safety technology for more than a decade.  This technology has the potential of improving emergency medical care and saving perhaps 20 percent of the seriously injured crash victims from death and disability.  
But the control of the regulatory process by GM and other auto companies prevented Americans from having such protection here in the U.S.A.  See
Countless lives have been lost and diminished by this political influence and control over government programs – which continues to this day over NHTSA and CDC.


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