Democrat Platform Mentions Goal of Preventing Gun Violence But Still Strangely Silent On Preventing Vehicle Violence

Dear Care for Crash Victims Community Members:

The 2016 Democratic Party Platform has now been published.  On page 39 it addresses Gun Violence as follows:“Preventing Gun ViolenceWith 33,000 Americans dying every year, Democrats believe that we must finally take sensible action to address gun violence.”

That is good but not sufficient.

As I recently wrote, citing both historical and current statistics, vehicle violence is a greater problem.   And the prevention of vehicle violence is more feasible with government action:

“The Need For a Safe America Is Real and UrgentToday our clear and present danger of vehicle violence amounts to:

4 Million vehicle deaths in America – nearly 100 per day in the U.S.A. today
1 Billion vehicle injuries in America – nearly 400 serious injuries on an average day

$X Trillions Losses – about $2 billion per day

As we in the U.S. approach our 4 millionth death from vehicle violence, we must remember that we still have no goal to end vehicle violence….So why does the President of the U.S.A. not adopt a Vision Zero Goal?  President Obama:  Meet Marianne Karth.  She has gathered 20,000 signatures on a petition to you to adopt a national Vision Zero Goal.  “Where there is no vision, the people perish.”  Proverbs.  See  ” 

The continuing failure of the Democratic Party – and now Hillary Clinton – to address this problem is a tragic dereliction of duty to the American people – Democrats, Independents and Republicans and their children.
Nader, whose work has resulted in an estimated 3.5 million lives saved since Unsafe At Any Speed, told us so.  See the NY Times article and comments at
Lou Lombardo


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