EMS Your Money And Or Your Life

Dear Care For Crash Victims Community Members:
One of our subscribers wrote to me about an excellent article in the NY Times that investigated EMS and found Wall St.:

“A Tennessee woman slipped into a coma and died after an ambulance company took so long to assemble a crew that one worker had time for a cigarette break.

Paramedics in New York had to covertly swipe medical supplies from a hospital to restock their depleted ambulances after emergency runs.

A man in the suburban South watched a chimney fire burn his house to the ground as he waited for the fire department, which billed him anyway and then sued him for $15,000 when he did not pay.

In each of these cases, someone dialed 911 and Wall Street answered.

The business of driving ambulances and operating fire brigades represents just one facet of a profound shift on Wall Street and Main Street alike, a New York Times investigation has found. Since the 2008 financial crisis, private equity firms, the “corporate raiders” of an earlier era, have increasingly taken over a wide array of civic and financial services that are central to American life.”  See

NHTSA has had responsibilities for EMS since the 1960s.  Since 1991, I have worked to improve emergency care for crash victims.  See https://www.careforcrashvictims.com/assets/2005-urgency.pdf
DOT NHTSA, now captive by corporate power, has failed the American people to the point that in the U.S.A. today about 100 Americans die of their injuries on an average day.  Of these about 56 Americans are not transported to any facility for emergency medical care.   About 44 are transported – somewhere but often not a trauma center – for emergency medical care and die.  A decades long problem of Emergency Medical Care that is too little, too late, for too many Americans.  See https://www.careforcrashvictims.com/urgency.php
In 2013, I petitioned NHTSA to “Recommend a National Goal for Timely and Optimal Treatment for Serious Crash Injuries Within a Decade – One Hour Med Evac to Definitive Care”  Seehttps://www.careforcrashvictims.com/assets/MR-Strickland-NEMSAC-FICEMS.pdf
I have long asked for NHTSA to do this in the next decade as we have already done in Afghanistan.  See  https://www.careforcrashvictims.com/blog/blog-goldenafgh/
By June 30, 2016, the public can comment on the Federal government plans for EMS.  See http://www.ems.gov/pdf/FICEMS_Strategic_Plan_Released_March2014.pdf Note: my petition was ignored as the NHTSA officials in charge at the time have left to work more directly for the auto industry.  The NHTSA EMS position is vacant.  See NHTSA Org chart attached.

Perhaps in this election year we may have some incremental forward movement toward Vision Zero Deaths rather than Vision Infinite Dollars.

All of us need it and many people want it.

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