End of Daylight Savings Time – Increase Your Safety


End of Daylight Savings Time – Increase Your Safety

November, 2016

Dear Care for Crash Victims Community Members:
You can increase your safety by 10%.

In 1961, my wife was in a white VW Beetle.  She stalled coming out of a shopping center at night and was struck on the driver side by a car coming over a hill.  The driver swerved to the right and struck the VW just behind the driver side door.  Luckily, my wife was not physically injured but she was  badly shaken.  I had picked white as the color because it would be cooler (no air conditioning). I was not thinking safety back then.

During all my years working on safety I could not get NHTSA to do analyses on fatality rates by car color.  Only after I left NHTSA did researchers in Australia do such research and found that white cars were 10% safer.  See https://www.careforcrashvictims.com/blog/blog-enddstincreasesafety/

In 2015, I was pleased to learn that white had become the most popular car color on the planet.  See https://www.careforcrashvictims.com/consumersbuyingmorewhitecarsandgreatersafety/

For the year 2015, no one can be pleased to learn that NHTSA recorded: *  The Nation saw 2,348 more fatalities from motor vehicle crashes in 2015 than in 2014—a 7.2-percent increase.  For pedestrians and cyclists color is also important for safety.

*  Pedestrian fatalities increased by 466 (a 9.5-percent increase) and are at their highest number since 1996.
*   Pedalcyclist fatalities increased by 89 (a 12.2-percent increase), and are at their highest level since 1995.
Years ago the Federal Highway Administration published a poster for the public with the statistic that 60% of pedestrian fatalities occur between the hours of 6:00pm and 6:00am.  The “Be Safe, Be Bright” poster shows distances at which pedestrians can be seen wearing clothing of different colors – and retro reflective materials.  See https://www.careforcrashvictims.com/besafe.php
Be brighter and be safer.
Lou Lombardo

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