Nader Asks Obama to Focus on America’s Safety Needs

Dear Care for Crash Victims Community Members:

Ralph Nader tries to focus President Obama on the safety needs of America here at home where there are many clear and present dangers not being adequately addressed.

Nader writes: “Taking Mr. Obama at his often repeated words that “the safety of the American people” is his top priority,…” and then cites many needs here at home.

Please see

Nader once again has his focus on the public interest here in the U.S. where for decades Americans have seen too many needless tragedies, too much pain, suffering, and economic losses.

We can add some auto safety statistics that President Obama needs to focus on:

    • Currently in the U.S. each day nearly 100 people die of crash injuries — more than half die without transport to a medical treatment facility — and another estimated 400 people suffer serious injuries. U.S. DOT dollar values for preventing such losses currently amount to about $1 Billion each day.
    • In the year 2013, the total number of crash deaths in the U.S.A. since 1900 now exceeds 3,585,000 people. The number injured is estimated to exceed 255,000,000. That is 5 times the number of Americans who died and 150 times the number wounded in all wars since 1776.
    • In 2013, the National Academy of Sciences reported that the U.S. ranks last in mortality from transportation injuries. “In 2009, the United States had the highest death rate from transportation related accidents among the 17 peer countries…” See Shorter Lives, Poorer Health, p. 32, available at
    • Since 1978 in the U.S., more people have died and suffered serious crash injuries than died or were wounded in all wars since 1776.
    • Since President Obama was elected in 2008, the number of Americans who died of crash injuries is 132,350 and another estimated 500,000 suffered serious crash injuries.

As a citizen, I offered 3 Steps the President could take – without any new legislation – to assure that the losses of American crash victims in his second term do not exceed the losses suffered in his first term. See

Mr. President please heed Ralph Nader’s advice. He is right. America needs you to do so. And Yes, you can.

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