Four Million Reasons To Sign Petition That May Save Your Life

Dear Care for Crash Victims Community Members:

A Mom and Grandmother who lost two young daughters in a crash, Marianne Karth and her family, have started another petition to get President Obama to do his job of protecting us all here at home in the U.S.A. today.  Her petition to end preventable deaths by vehicle violence is easily accomplished.  She simply asks for the appointment of a Traffic Safety Ombudsman to pursue reasonable and effective safety policies.  See

If anything has been learned in recent years, it is that the Federal government, now captive of corporate powers, has failed us all. See

Today we are on a path to counting our 4 millionth fatality due to vehicle violence in the coming decade.  See government is not doing its job of providing for our safety, the Declaration of Independence says that it is up to us all.
That is what the Karth family is doing and they deserve the support of all Americans.
Please consider signing and sharing their petition.
And note this woman’s exploration of the tragedies of vehicle violence and what can be done to end such violence is inspirational.  I recommend people read her work as she asks the important humane questions of the governance that has failed us all for decades.
Lou Lombardo


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