GM’s Criminal Behavior Agreed To By U.S. Justice Department – Outrage Begins

GM’s Criminal Behavior Agreed To By U.S. Justice Department – Outrage Begins

September, 2015

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On Democracy Now! Laura Gipe Christian, founder of GM Recall Survivors, was interviewed by host Amy Goodman on the Agreement made by the Justice Department with GM.  The interview began with:“Federal prosecutors have agreed to settle a criminal probe into General Motors for concealing an ignition switch defect linked to at least 124 deaths. Under the deal, General Motors agreed to pay $900 million as part of a deferred prosecution agreement, but no GM executives will be prosecuted for covering up the deadly defect. The Justice Department’s deal with GM has been widely criticized by consumer advocates and families who lost loved ones. Clarence Ditlow, head of the Center for Auto Safety, said, “GM killed over 100 people by knowingly putting a defective ignition switch into over 1 million vehicles. … Today, thanks to its lobbyists, GM officials walk off scot-free while its customers are six feet under.” We speak to Laura Christian. Her daughter Amber Rose died after her Chevrolet Cobalt crashed and the air bag failed to deploy on July 29, 2005. Amber was just 16 years old. Since then, Laura Christian has become an auto-safety advocate. She runs the Facebook page “GM Recall Survivors.”  See

Ralph Nader addressed the subject.“RALPH NADER: Well, it’s a absurd settlement. It doesn’t deter future behavior by General Motors. Nobody went to jail, nobody is indicted. The company wasn’t indicted. The Justice Department under Attorney General Loretta Lynch and the Obama administration have created a new doctrine. It’s called “crimes without criminals.” They charge GM with a crime, but the company was not indicted, and no officials were indicted.”   See 

Law Professor Rena Steinzor, author of Why Not Jail?, addressed the Justice Department’s continuing disappointing performance.
See September 18, 2015 full program at
Corporate Crime Reporter
USA Today Editorial Thursday’s disappointing conclusion after months of federal investigation is simply par for the course. In the past decade, corporations have gotten away with all manner of  fraud, self-dealing, negligent manufacturing and market manipulation. The subprime mortgage industry nearly brought down the U.S. economy and ruined untold number of lives. But  to the extent there was punishment at all after these acts, it usually involved a company writing a check, as if these firms ran on automatic pilot.”
What will it take to stop the needless deaths and injuries and produce safety and justice?


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