Many People That Should Be At “Breaking Through Power” Conference May 23 – 26, 2016

Dear Care for Crash Victims Community Members:

There are many crash victims who should be at this Conference – but will not be there.

*   3,690,757 Americans who died of vehicle injuries.  They will not see the U.S.A. Crash Death Clock reach 3,691,000 before or during the Conference.       See

*   Nearly 1 Billion Americans Injured in or by vehicles.  See

What stories could they share with attendees?

One mother who tragically lost two daughters in a truck crash offered the following today:

“People who die as a result of traffic crashes usually have no warning and, for the most part, were not doing something intentional to warrant such an untimely end.

Whatever the cause of their death, what is the best way to honor the memories of those hundreds of thousands of loved ones? One way is to share their stories and photos.  Another way is to work diligently in their memory to reduce crash deaths so that others do not have to suffer the same tragic end to their earthly life–and putting an end to this traffic crash epidemic.

Here is one Victim Memorial Page: Truck Crash Victim Memorials at Truck Safety Coalition

Here is an idea I had a while ago for making these stories more visible:

Digital photo/video montage of the countless people who have had their lives cut short by a tragic crash.

What would you suggest? Email your ideas to me at

Breaking Through Power Conference

The Conference program and speakers is available at

Crash Victims, activists, and citizens can work together to build a Safer America.
Yes we can!
Lou Lombardo–


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