“Get Out of Jail Free” Cards for Corporate Criminals

“Get Out of Jail Free” Cards for Corporate Criminals

October, 2015

Dear Care for Crash Victims Community Members:

New evidence that “Equal Justice Before the Law” does not apply to corporations and complicit government safety officials.

See Judge’s opinion on GM settlement at http://www.nationallawjournal.com/id=1202740396196/Federal-Judge-Slams-Shocking-DOJ-Deal-with-GM-Over-Safety-Defect

Also see what GM has done at least 174 deaths – and growing as unfixed vehicles continue to have crashes – at 

Not equal justice now.
Not equal justice for at least the next 6 years as Congress considers legislation that favors profits over people.  Seehttp://wbt.com/congress-proposes-giveaways-to-auto-trucking-industries/  andhttp://www.manufacturing.net/news/2015/10/critics-say-proposed-bill-would-favor-auto-industry-undermine-safety


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