Nader on Costs to Humanity of Monetized Elections

Nader on Costs to Humanity of Monetized Elections

January, 2016

Dear Care for Crash Victims Community Members: Nader explains the system that enslaves us and he encourages us to act:

“Voters, you can change all this rancid defilement of our Republic and its democratic dreams. Do your homework on the parties and the candidates, form informal groups to demand debates and agendas that you preside over, push for more choices on the ballot, make votes count over money. The internet can help speed up such efforts.

You outnumber the politicos and their entourages everywhere.  You are the ones who keep paying the price for letting politics remain a deadly form of distracting entertainment with a mainstream media obsessed with the horse race rather than the human race.”  See Read Nader’s article for a better understanding of why in the 21st Century we still do not have a Vision Zero goal for an end to crash deaths and serious injuries in or by a new car in a decade – despite the unprecedented availability of unused safety technologies.  Are we to have crash deaths and serious injuries forevermore?  See

We can and must do better protecting our health, safety, money, and sovereignty.  This election gives us an opportunity and responsibility to help build a Safer America.


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