New Law Requires Panic Buttons on Phones in India

Dear Care for Crash Victims Community Members:

CNN reports:

“India has announced new rules that require all mobile phones to have a “panic button,” in order to protect women and prevent rape.

The regulations, which take force in 2017, were announced this week by India’s Ministry of Communications and Information Technology.

Manufacturers are also required to include GPS in all phones by 2018, in order to help improve security.

Many phone manufacturers already include a panic response feature, but India does not currently have a centralized emergency call system. Because different phone numbers are required to reach police, medical and fire services, the feature has limited utility.

Authorities plan to address the problem with a new national emergency number — 112 — that will roll out in the coming months.”


Imagine if NHTSA required all cars to have a phone holder such that when crashes above a certain velocity occurred the phone would automatically call 9-1-1 and next of kin listed in the phone, and reported it to NHTSA.   And imagine if NHTSA required the phone software to provide a percentage likelihood of a serious injury presence using an URGENCY Algorithm.

We need a government in America as good as in India!



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