NHTSA Counts 2015 Fatalities: 7.2% increase to 35,092 American Deaths

Dear Care for Crash Victims Community Members:

NHTSA notes “The last single-year increase of this magnitude was in 1966, when fatalities rose 8.1% from the previous year.”

And “In response to the increase, DOT, NHTSA, and the White House are issuing an unprecedented call to action to involve a wide range of stakeholders in helping determine the causes of the increase.”  

See http://www.nhtsa.gov/About+NHTSA/Press+Releases/traffic-fatalities-2015

President Obama in his final months in office should carefully consider his legacy of the nearly 250,000 American deaths and nearly 1 million serious injuries due to vehicle violence – all while he has been President.  See https://www.careforcrashvictims.com/assets/MonthlyReportforJanuary2016-Corrected.pdf

Lou Lombardo

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