Party Platforms Missing Auto Safety Goals

Dear Care for Crash Victims Community Members:

Mr. James R. Hood, founder of has kindly noted this need for greater national political attention to the life or death issue of  vehicle violence.

Based on his long professional experience, he is realistically aware of the inequality between the problems for consumers of the nearly 100 vehicle deaths, 400 serious injuries, and $2 billion in losses each day in the U.S.A. today and the deadly silence of the political parties.   He wrote:

“Could it be lack of voter interest? Groups like DangerousJeeps and AnnaLeaha and Mary have gathered thousands of signatures on petitions seeking more aggressive government action, but such efforts don’t make much of a dent in a political landscape populated by hot-button social issues.
Lombardo, who was once a NHTSA program manager, doesn’t claim to have the answer. He is, however, applying modern marketing methods as he tries to reposition the issue by referring to it as “vehicle violence” instead of traffic deaths. Whether any of the candidates take the bait remains to be seen.”  See
Other writers on safety issues also share the daily frustration with lack of greater progress.  But safety and justice demand that we keep trying to make the progress that is both needed and within reach.  See
Yes we can!  Yes we must!  And Yes we will!
Lou Lombardo


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