Protecting Auto Executives Not People

Protecting Auto Executives Not People

February, 2016

Dear Care for Crash Victims Community Members:

Ending Recalls or Ending Defects?

The Detroit Free Press published a priceless photo of the Secretary of Transportation Anthony Foxx and NHTSA Administrator Mark Rosekind meeting with Executives of the major auto companies.   See

This government-industry plan has already been criticized but continues.  So do crash deaths and injuries at a rate of nearly 100 deaths per day, 400 serious injuries per day and losses valued by DOT at $2 Billion per day.  See and

President Obama has already met with auto company executives, banksters, and other corporate executives and no one in government or industry has gone to jail – not even for one day.
How much evidence do Americans need that our system of government is rigged?
One of my early assignments (late 1960s) in the Public Health Service was to examine the history of technical papers on air pollution control.  I found papers showing that the industry knew of emission control technologies that had not been applied to protect the public health.  I was later told to turn over my research to the Justice Department that was conducting a Grand Jury antitrust investigation against the auto industry.  
” The powers that be in the Department, the investigating attorney told the (Nader) Task Force, thought that criminal sanctions would be inappropriate in this case.  This position was communicated to the Grand Jury, which reluctantly terminated its indictment hearing.  (Samuel Flatow the Justice Department Attorney that led the investigation) told the Task Force that, despite (Assistant Attorney General Donald F. Turner’s) position, the Grand Jury was prepared to “run away”…and return a criminal indictment.”  See Ralph Nader’s Study Group Report on Air Pollution VANISHING AIR, p. 43.
Nader has tried to tell us for 50 years.  Why have we not learned?  Have we not listened?  Have we not heard?  When will we learn?
One of our members, Marianne Karth, advises us to act now to save lives.  See


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