Revolving Door: “No Jail, No Shame” Article on Holder

Dear Care for Crash Victims Community Members:

“Big banks came up earlier in the conversation when Martin asked Holder about the criticism he has gotten for not indicting Wall Street executives for the role they played in the economic crisis that began nearly a decade ago.

“This is one that pisses me off,” Holder said. “It’s nonsense.” Holder said his office and that of the U.S. attorney in New York were willing to bring criminal cases against banks if the evidence had met the standard of proof needed.

“The reality is that if those cases could have been brought, they would have, Holder said, stating that instead, the department sought and won “record-breaking civil settlements” that helped those who were harmed by the meltdown.”

Hmnnnn.  GM and Toyota settlements with Zero jail time.  Not even one day.

Fines tax deductible?

I wonder if there are Americans still living that are “pissed off”.


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