The CBS Tragic Fatal Crash That Killed 60 Minutes Reporter Bob Simon

The CBS Tragic Fatal Crash That Killed 60 Minutes Reporter Bob Simon

February, 2015

Dear Care for Crash Victims Community Members:

Last year, in the foreword to the 2014 Car Book,  Clarence Ditlow, the Executive Director of the Center for Auto Safety wrote:

“The media recently focused on the fatal crashes involving Jacqueline Mars, the Mars candy heiress, whose 2004 Porsche Cayenne crossed the centerline and hit another vehicle; and Paul Walker, star of Fast and Furious, who was killed in a 2005 Porsche Carrera that veered off the road in a high speed crash.  Yet the media did not ask why Mars and Walker who could have afforded any vehicle did not pick a newer Porsche or another performance sports car with electronic stability control or lane departure control that might have prevented their tragic, fatal crashes. 

Most celebrities in America have agents to help them negotiate their contracts, run their finances and advance their careers.  Yet how many have an agent to select a safe car which will insure their career or life will not be cut short by a tragic car crash such as were Grace Kelley, Steve Allen, and James Dean.”

Ditlow notes that to prevent future tragedies companies should consider the following advice:

“CBS fits in the category of entities that should use the safest possible vehicles for employees and guests for whom it provides transportation.  The Lincoln Town Car was phased out in 2011.  Neither the 2011 or 2010 in which Bob Simon was riding had side curtain airbags, collision avoidance braking, or lane departure control.    The Town Car had side torso airbags only for the front seat and not for the rear seat where Bob Simon was riding.  There are any number of 2015 large sedans that have these features.  Side curtain airbags are now standard in 2015 cars which shows how out-of-date the Town Car is in safety.  The Town Car is the livery vehicle of choice due to its size, reliability and relatively low cost; not safety.  If status is a factor for companies like CBS, use Mercedes S-Class limos with all the above safety features.  No guarantee one will avoid all crashes but they will be less severe and injury will be mitigated.



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