Should Crash Victims Support Sen. Bernie Sanders?

Should Crash Victims Support Sen. Bernie Sanders?

March, 2016

Dear Care for Crash Victims Community Members:

Hillary a Hypocrite

Ralph Nader’s work has resulted in saving an estimated 3.5 million American people from crash deaths.  See  

Ralph Nader who I have found to be an accurate citizen in describing the many problems Americans face and possible solutions has noted Hillary Clinton’s hypocrisy.  See 

Secretary Clinton’s charge against Sen. Sanders’ vote on gun violence and not a word against vehicle violence, substantiate her dependency on corporate contributors.   See

Numbers of Crash Victims

The U.S. Crash Death Clock now has recorded 3,686,202 deaths and nearly 1 billion injuries from vehicular violence.  See

And the U.S. Crash Meters show that currently on every average day 100 Americans die of crash injuries + 400 suffer major crash injuries + losses = $2 billion.   See
The numbers of family members who suffer from crash losses is unknown but clearly is in the billions.
What if they vote for Sen. Sanders?  What if they contributed $1 to his campaign?
Remember:  We are all crash victims – past, present, and future – as people injured physically – and financially as tax payers and insurance premium payers.
Note: Sen. Sanders’ position on Health Care for All as a Human Right would have major benefits for crash victims.  See his Seattle speech last night at
Crash Victims’ Organizing Efforts 
Consider the attached letter from over 250 Public Health, Safety and Consumer Organizations and Crash Victims’ Families to Congressional Conferees Don’t Sacrifice Safety for Special Industry Interests.
Consider the Marianne Karth family petition on a Vision Zero Policy with more than 20,000 signatures delivered to DOT.   See
Imagine these efforts growing to impact the election this year and ending crash deaths and serious injuries in or by new vehicles in a decade – the next two terms of a President determined to act for the people – not the corporate contributors.  This is a realistic goal if enough of us act in time to overcome the corruption.
As former Clinton White House Counselor Bill Curry has written “It’s the corruption. stupid”.  See


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