Tesla and NHTSA Priorities Revealed in Fatality Reporting: Not Safety of Customers and Taxpayers First?

Dear Care for Crash Victims Community Members:

Are we, the little people, not “material” to automakers and to NHTSA?

Automotive News reports on timeline of delays in warning motorists of their endangerment:

“SAN FRANCISCO — Tesla Motors Inc. alerted regulators to a fatality in one of its electric cars in partial self-driving Autopilot mode nine days after it crashed, the company said on Tuesday, defending its decision not to make the accident public before a federal investigation was announced.

Tesla learned about the crash of the Model S sedan in Florida “shortly” after the May 7 crash, and on May 16 it disclosed the incident to the government. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration on June 30 announced a probe.”


Corporations and NHTSA keep the public in the dark on fatal crashes.

It is a deliberate Vision Zero policy of keeping the public blind, ignorant, and unsafe.


____________________Lou Lombardowww.CareForCrashVictims.com

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