The Polluted Air We Are Forced To Breathe Vehicular Violence Decade After Decade

Dear Care For Crash Victims Community Members:

The NY Times reports:

“BERLIN — One diesel car tested by the German government emitted more than 12 times as much poisonous nitrogen oxide as allowed. Another was five times over the limit, and yet another six times over.

The cars were not produced by Volkswagen, the company at the center of a widespread emissions scandal. They were a Jeep, a General Motors sedan and a Mercedes-Benz.

A growing stack of recent government and private studies has made increasingly clear that Volkswagen was hardly the only company to flout pollution limits. While Volkswagen illegally manipulated test results, the other carmakers in Europe just took advantage of a loophole that allows them to throttle down emissions controls whenever there is risk of engine damage — which in some cases is nearly all the time.”  See

In a USA Today Op Ed, Advocates offer solutions:

“Government agencies must crack down on an industry with a history of cheating.


(Photo: Kevin Hagen, AP)

Volkswagen’s cheating on diesel emissions tests isn’t the first pollution scandal to rock the auto industry. Here’s how the Obama administration can make it the last.

VW should be ordered to fix the diesels, or buy them back and scrap them, begin large-scale production of electric vehicles and face civil and criminal penalties, including a fine large enough that no automaker will even think about cheating on air pollution standards again.”  See

Since 1970

When will Enough be Enough?

In the 1970’s I blew the whistle on auto industry cheating on emissions testing under the Nixon Administration.  I had to sue the National Academy of Sciences who denied me access to EPA documents and deliberations that would have revealed the problem.  Judges all the way to the Supreme Court ruled against us.  It took the Nixon tapes, later released, to show I was right. The EPA and the auto companies were wrongfully polluting us all.   See

And see



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