Crash Victims Get Hope From NHTSA Administrator Rosekind

Crash Victims Get Hope From NHTSA Administrator Rosekind

June, 2015

Dear Care for Crash Victims Community Members:

The most hopeful NHTSA news for crash victims that I have seen since retiring in 2007 was reported by Automotive News.

“WASHINGTON — The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration will soon have some fresh faces in key recall positions as part of an agency reorganization intended to streamline its management structure.

According to sources here and job openings posted on the U.S Department of Transportation’s website, the agency is preparing the reorganization to follow the retirement or departure of three key officials who have overseen recalls at the agency.

n Kevin Vincent, NHTSA’s chief counsel, has been transferred to the DOT’s office of general counsel.

n Daniel Smith, senior associate administrator for vehicle safety, plans to retire in June.

n Nancy Lewis, associate administrator for enforcement, retired this spring.

Selecting their replacements gives NHTSA Administrator Mark Rosekind an opportunity to continue to put his stamp on the agency in a way that could outlast his tenure as administrator. The three departing officials have played major roles in recent high-profile enforcement cases, including the defective General Motors ignition switch and defective Takata airbag recalls.”  See

It’s more than about time.  It is about tragedies without end for too many Americans, for too long.  It is about freeing NHTSA from decades of corporate captivity that gives hope for a Safer America.  See image 1


Hopefully we now will see policies for a reduction in the nearly 100 crash deaths per day, plus 400 serious crash injuries, and $2 Billion in losses every day in America.


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