Crash Victims Organize For A Safer America

Crash Victims Organize For A Safer America

September, 2015

Dear Care for Crash Victims Community Members:

Out of a tragic crash comes hope for a safer America.

Citizens have organized a project for the world to contribute to research on improving safety.  See

The first focus of the Karth family is on Truck Underride Guards a subject I had a short involvement with in the late 1970s at NHTSA under Administrator Joan Claybrook.  I, and others, tried to get a strong underride guard rule promulgated.  See

It was a short lived effort because in 1980 Ronald Reagan became President.  He replaced Administrator Joan Claybrook with a coal industry lobbyist Raymond A. Peck, Jr. with devastating consequences for the safety of Americans that still continue.

The Republican Reagan Administration quickly ripped up the airbag rules, reduced the NHTSA work force from 900 people to 600 people (a level that persists to this date), and stopped efforts for a strong underride guard.  Corporate interests continue to subvert safety policies to this day – including truck safety.  See 

People can contribute to this new citizen safety effort at


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