Watch the DOT Revolving Door — Who Will Pay Ray LaHood, How Much, & For What?

July 2, 2013

Dear Care for Crash Victims Community Members:

Read this interview of Ray LaHood.

“Q: You need to make some money, right? People say you are the poorest member of the Cabinet. True?

A: Well, I am. We’ve put four of our kids through college. I’m going to take July and August, and hopefully the phone will ring and we’ll see who is on the other end. I would like to serve on a couple of boards. I am going to do some speaking and then maybe in the fall I’ll land somewhere. I don’t know. I am not retiring from life. I am retiring from DOT.”


Ray LaHood Q&A with the Tribune Chicago Tribune – by Jon Hilkevitch

But. Don’t cry for poor Ray LaHood. For just some of his prospects, see:

Ray LaHood’s post-Cabinet prospects

“There’s gold in the hills of transportation associations, and LaHood could make a pretty penny in the private sector.”

Cry for the more than 130,000 American crash victims that died in his 4 and one half years in office — more than the number of Americans who died in the Afghanistan, Iraq, and Viet Nam wars combined. And cry for the nearly 500,000 American crash victims seriously injured on his watch.

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