White Cars Are About 10% Safer Report

White Cars Are About 10% Safer Report

February, 2015

Dear Care for Crash Victims Community Members:

The link I gave to the Australian study on white cars being safer has been taken down.  Looks like the auto industry did not like that Report being available to the public that stated:

“Results of the analysis identified a clear statistically significant relationship between vehicle colour and crash risk. Compared to
white vehicles, a number of colours were associated with higher crash risk. These colours are generally those lower on the visibility
index and include black, blue, grey, green, red and silver. No colour was statistically significantly safer than white although a number of other colours could not be distinguished from white statistically in terms of relative crash risk. The association between vehicle colour and crash risk was strongest during daylight hours where relative
crash risks were higher for the colours listed compared to white by up to around 10%.”

So here for your files is the actual report attached.

Consumers have a right to life saving information.


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