Building A Network for Auto Safety: The Center for Auto Safety Ditlow Fund

Dear Care for Crash Victims Community Members:

Legal Reader has published an article to help build a support Network for Auto Safety to continue Clarence Ditlow’s legal work of 4 decades to save people’s lives.

The article provides:

*  Job Description for the new Executive Director of the Center for Auto Safety.

*   List 54 Lawsuits

*  List of 15 Major Defect Investigations

*  List of Advocacy on Federal Safety Standards


Fatalities due to Vehicle Violence now approaches 4 million American deaths.  See

Vehicle Violence is now growing in the U.S.A. today to exceed:

* 100 deaths per day

*  400 serious injuries per day (paraplegia, quadriplegia, brain damage, crippling skeletal injuries, and burn injuries)

*  Losses of about $2 Billion per day

The legal profession is organizing renewed efforts to reduce these human tragedies.

Let’s all do our part to build a Safer and more Just America.

Lou Lombardo