“Criminal” Climate Crisis

Dear Care for Crash Victims Community Members:

When I began working in the U.S. Public Hralth Service in 1966, I was privileged to work with, and for, inspiring and brilliant people dedicated to protecting us all.

Over the years I was able to help build the case for getting the lead out of gasoline and children’s blood.

I also was able to help get catalysts into cars to reduce carbon monoxide and smog producing hydrocarbon emissions.

Back in the 1960’s we were not cognizant of the growing worldwide climate crisis.

Since then I have witnessed first hand worrisome stories of the power of Presidents vs. people in air pollution control   See


Today we read that the U.N. Secretary General released a most thorough report on the Climate Crisis and called “This abdication of leadership is criminal.”
And today we also read that the current Supreme Court may curtail the ability of the EPA to control air pollution.  See my recent pro bono article published by Legal Reader at


Hopefully more “criminal” abdication of leadership will be stopped before it is too late for too many of us.


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