Gratitude for Nader’s Lifetime Achievements in Preventing Tragedies in the Past and in the Future

Dear Care for Crash Victims Community Members:

Please see the Report on the 55th Anniversary of Unsafe at Any Speed
All over the world, people should be grateful for Ralph Nader’s work – that done so far as well as that will continue to be done in the future.

Consumer Advocates call for Advances in the National Mission to Improve Auto and Highway SafetyToday, November 30, 2020, marks the 55th anniversary of the publication of Ralph Nader’s landmark book: Unsafe at Any Speed.

On this occasion, the Center for Study of Responsive Law is releasing a report titled: Safer Vehicles and Highways: 4.2 million U.S. Lives Spared Since 1966.  The recommendations contained in this report are available at

Background information on Unsafe at Any Speed and Ralph Nader can be found at:

This report is dedicated to Clarence Ditlow, the formidable lawyer and engineer, who led the Center for Auto Safety for over 45 years of advocacy, litigation, advising and publicly informing the American people that safety, efficiency, clean air and their consumer warranty rights are to be respected by those in the seats of private and public power.

The lead author, Joan Claybrook, former head of NHTSA under President Jimmy Carter, and a relentless advocate, organized and coordinated the creation of this report.

The following people provided Joan Claybook much appreciated assistance with this effort:  Jackie Gillan (President Emeritus, Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety), Cathy Chase, Peter Kurdock, Tara Gill, and Shaun Kildare (Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety),  Jack Gillis (Consumer Federation of America),  Jason Levine and Michael Brooks (Center for Auto Safety) Janette Fennell (KidsAndCars) and artist and cover designer Jacqueline McLaughlin.  

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