We the People Can Fight For Justice – With Information

Dear Care for Crash Victims Community Members:
The work of a Washington Post Political Cartoonist Mr. Tom Toles has inspired me to write an article advocating that the media give the people just a little more information on the judicial branch.
Legal Reader has kindly published an article that I submitted “pro bono”.  See it at
I ask that the media adopt a practice of naming the judges and Justices in articles on decisions and adding an asterisk indicating the party that nominated them to the courts as follows:  (R*) or (D*).

Some may think this will politicize the Judiciary.  I believe not to do so is to perpetuate a myth that the courts are apolitical.  It leaves people in the dark – Blind, Ignorant, Gullible and vulnerable to BIG powerful interests.
My experience and the current state of affairs suggests we the people need this information to be more knowledgeable citizens.
I welcome your comments.

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