Where Are We Going? – Blue and Red State Rankings by Life Expectancy

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National policies being proposed include big Safety-Net cuts.   See

An examination of Blue State and Red State policies on Medicaid and Life Expectancy indicates Trump Republican budget proposals will lead to more early deaths in the U.S.A..- the wrong way.

A summary analysis shows the following rankings. Details are attached.

Life Expectancy Ranking in (2015):
Sixteen Blue States and Nine Red States Ranked Among 25 Best States in Life Expectancy
HI 1st
CA 2nd
CT 3rd
MN 4th
MA 5th
NY 6th
CO 7th
NJ 8th
WA 9th
NH 10th
VT 12th
RI 14th
OR 17th
MD 22nd
IL 24th
ME 25th* – No Medicaid
UT 11th – No Medicaid
FL 13th – No Medicaid
WI 15th – No Medicaid
AZ 16th
ND 18th
SD 19th – No Medicaid
NE 20th – No Medicaid
Iowa 21st
ID 23rd – No Medicaid

Four Blue States and Twenty One Red States Ranked Among 25 Worst States in Life Expectancy
VA 26th – No Medicaid
DE 27th*
NV 34th*
NM 35th*
AK 28th*
MT 29th*
PA 30th*
TX 31st* – No Medicaid
KS 32nd* – No Medicaid
WY 33rd* – No Medicaid
MI 36th*
NC 37th* – No Medicaid
OH 38th*
MO 39th* – No Medicaid
GA 40th* – No Medicaid
IN 41st*
SC 42nd* – No Medicaid
TN 43rd* – No Medicaid
AR 44th*
KY 45th*
OK 46th* – No Medicaid
LA 47th*
WV 48th*
AL 49th* – No Medicaid
MS 50th* – No Medicaid

Note:  Asterisk = States which also have Worse than the National Average Number of Deaths per 100K People for All Causes (786 in 2014).  See

For motor vehicle deaths for each year (2002 – 2015) by Congressional District see https://www.careforcrashvictims.com/home/crash-death-mapping-tools/

Hopefully enough members of Congress can be persuaded by the deadly facts to steer a more humane course for America.
Lou Lombardo

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