Airbag Recall, Regional Recalls, & Election Day For Better or Worse Safety

Dear Care for Crash Victims Community Members:

Airbag Recall Mess

Millions of Americans at risk of death and injury.  NHTSA apologizes.  Federal prosecutors investigating.

“The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s top official apologized late Wednesday for publishing inaccurate information in itsMonday warning about defective Takata airbags that may explode and for technical glitches that made its recall search page unavailable for much of the week.

In a statement, David Friedman, NHTSA’s deputy administrator, also said the agency has “identified the problem” affecting Takata airbags and is making sure cars are recalled in parts of the country “where there is a demonstrated risk.” The agency has recently focused its Takata efforts on high-humidity regions, including U.S. states along the Gulf of Mexico.

Meanwhile, the situation by Wednesday had attracted added scrutiny from lawmakers seeking to review the progress of NHTSA’s investigation into Takata, and from federal prosecutors who, according to The Wall Street Journal, are now investigating the Japanese supplier.”  See

Regional Recalls Make No Safety Sense – Just Corporate Sense
Senators Markey and Blumenthal wrote NHTSA that NHTSA’s approval of regional recalls “makes no sense”.

“Last week, Senator Markey and Senator Richard Blumenthal wrote NHTSA about this policy, saying that it “makes no sense” and asked NHTSA to reevaluate these regional recalls.

“This is the time of the year when many Massachusetts residents make the long trek down to Florida to spend the winter and wait until Red Sox spring training starts. But what happens to them if their car is registered in the Bay State, and not the Sunshine State, under this regional recall system? Drivers could be driving a ticking airbag time bomb, and our auto regulators won’t ever tell them. It’s time to end this ludicrous policy that endangers our roads and puts lives at risk,” said Senator Markey.”

Regional recalls make no safety sense because all Americans deserve equal protection.
Election May Affect Safety For Better or Worse.
Senators Markey (MA) and Blumenthal (CT) are providing safety leadership of life or death importance for their constituents and all Americans.
Elections have consequences.  Motor vehicle fatality rates vary substantially State.  Year in and year out, Massachusetts has the lowest motor vehicle fatality rate of any State in the nation.  Connecticut is usually close as one of the safest States.
Based on my work to advance auto safety since 1978, I believe fatality rates by State vary for many reasons.   But one factor is the quality of governance at federal, State and local levels of government.  See the latest State fatality rates attached that show a high correlation between Blue States with better safety than Red States with worse motor vehicle safety records.
How many Americans know these figures for their States?
The NY Times is regularly publishing expected results of the forthcoming Senate elections in Blue & Red States.  The 8 State races currently rated “competitive” are as follows:
Blue: CO, NH, Iowa.
Red: Alaska, Georgia, NC, Kansas, Arkansas.
For anyone wishing a count of crash deaths since 2002 by State, by year, and by Congressional district you can use my Crash Death Mapping Tools at
If more Americans only knew how much their safety and happiness needed to be, and could be, improved by their votes — and acted upon that knowledge we could help build a safer America.

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