Safety Leader Cally Houck Sends Strong Letter to DNC

Safety Leader Cally Houck Sends Strong Letter to DNC

March, 2016

Dear Care for Crash Victims Community Members:

Cally Houck, mother who became a Safety Leader after losing two daughters in a tragic unfixed defective rental car, has allowed publication of her views.   She has written a strong letter to the DNC.“I am solid Bernie.    Here’s why:

 My Letter to the DNC
 It’s time to start thinking about the candidate the people overwhelmingly want. You will not be able to shove your candidate down our throats. You are an institution that will shoot itself in the foot in order to coronate a candidate mistrusted by everyone but the myopic and entrenched elites and others who won’t see through the fog and address the front runner’s abysmal record. I for one, will abandon my political affiliation for the first time in my 42 years of voting. I’m tired of a party that ignores the voices of so many. I’m done with cronyism politics that serve only to acquire power and money, in sordid backroom deals. I will not be silent as our country continues to devolve into a consolidation of power, wealth and indifference to the needs of the people, of which they are sworn to represent. . I am one of hundreds of thousands who feel what I feel;  the current political system is rigged, corrupt and our representatives, for the most part,  turn a deaf ear to the voices of the American People, who have started to rise up to end the status quo which has done nothing to fix the problems of our country. The current favored candidate of the DNC is a woman who brokered arms and weapons, including chemical and biological weapons, to countries that have repressive regimes, in exchange for donations to the Clinton Foundation.  I will not tolerate a candidate under a justified federal investigation.  I will not accept voter suppression and election fraud..  You either listen to us or go down in the flames of obscurity. One more thing. If the DNC and Bernie’s opponent engaged in honest politics and run a clean campaign, instead of rigging the system, campaigning violations, dishonesty, she may have had a chance to save party, and honestly win the nomination, inspite of my support for Bernie, Months ago, I would have voted for her if she was named the nominee. But when I saw the level of deceit, flagrant polling violations and abuses at polling and caucus sites, disenfranchising voters by her and her husband and their campaign puppets, purchasing super delegates, and taking millions in corporate donations, she lost my potential vote. Now all I see is a woman with no integrity, no vision, no honor and no conscience. She just wants to win at the expense of the American people’s right to choose. I will change my party affiliation at the end of the convention, unless Bernie is the nominee, as will thousands and thousands, and thousands of Dems who believe in justice, authentic democracy, morality and fairness. It’s time to reinvent the political party system.
Cally Houck” 


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