Mayor de Blasio’s Vision Zero Crash Deaths: Goal & Plan

Dear Care for Crash Victims Community Members:

Everyone who cares for crash victims – past, present, and future, have cause to be pleased with the moral leadership shown the world by NYC Mayor de Blasio setting a worthy goal and a specific plan.

Now the NYC Vision Zero Plan has been released and is at my Blog and in the NY Times Editorial of support.

NY Times Editorial with excellent links:

In addition, civic activist Keegan Stephan of provided this link on the development of political support that preceded this historic moment.

Recent News reports:


NY Times Room for Debate forum at:

The Care for Crash Victims January 2014 Report

We also provided both National context and suggestions how Vision Zero could be expanded to other cities as well.


Let’s salute the citizens of NYC, the new Mayor, the NY Times and the media for covering this worthy goal and plan for saving lives.

True Hope and Change for the Better!

Associated Document:

NYC Vision Zero Plan (PDF – 19 MB)

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