Medal of Freedom – Corporate Freedom To Pollute

Medal of Freedom – Corporate Freedom To Pollute

November, 2015

Dear Care for Crash Victims Community Members:

Yesterday President Obama awarded the Medal of Freedom to William Ruckelshaus.  See

Having been fired as a whistle blower under Ruckelshaus, I see it differently.  In 1971, I blew the whistle on EPA for rigging the auto emission standards to allow more pollutants than called for in the Clean Air Act.  See

I did not know it at the time, but the Nixon tapes decades later showed that Lee Iacocca and Henry Ford II in a White House meeting April 27, 1971 Henry Ford II notes that Ruckelshaus might help by the way “he runs his test procedures”.  See
There is little pleasure in knowing I was right and Ruckelshaus was wrong.  Nixon referred to safety advocates and environmentalists as “enemies of the system”.  I  don’t mind being thought of as an enemy of a rigged system. 
Ironic, to say the least, that after decades of Americans suffering the many harmful effects of automotive pollutants including countless deaths and diseases, and in the midst of the current VW emission cheating scandal, President Obama awards Ruckelshaus the Medal of Freedom.
This act by President Obama is one more bit of evidence that the current system is rigged against the people.


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