President Obama and Secretary Foxx Announce Grow America Bill – Crash Deaths To Grow

President Obama and Secretary Foxx Announce Grow America Bill – Crash Deaths To Grow

March, 2015

Dear Care for Crash Victims Community Members:

Obama Administration proposes endless tragic years ahead for Americans.

Please read this DOT Announcement and watch this DOT video at

Can you hear or read the word “safety”?

“The FY 2016 budget proposes $478 billion funding for a 6-year surface transportation reauthorization proposal that invests in modernizing our infrastructure.”  

Buried in a more detailed list of this proposal there is a document on improving safety updated yesterday at
It notes: “In 2013, vehicle crashes killed 32,719 Americans and injured more than 2.3 million people.”
Let’s compare the deaths and dollars proposed with the DOT Policy Guidance on valuing deaths and injuries in dollars.  The DOT Policy for 2013 attached places a value of $9.1 million. “On the basis of the best available evidence, this guidance identifies $9.1 million as the value of a statistical life to be used for Department of Transportation analyses assessing the benefits of preventing fatalities and using abase year of 2012.”
So if DOT Secretary Foxx had taken out a calculator and multiplied the 2013 fatalities of 32,719 crash deaths times the $9.1 million in the DOT Guidelines he would find the math to amount to $297 billion.
So how does that $297 billion in one year compare with the $478 billion, or $80 billion per year, that he is proposing over the next six years?
If the number of deaths continue over the next 6 years at about 32,000 per year (as I expect is likely) another 192,000 Americans will die of crash injuries.  And our crash death clock will exceed 3,855,000 American crash deaths.  See
In our Declaration of Independence it stated that “it is the Right of the People to alter …as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety”
The Obama Administration’s current proposal is “Unsafe” – far less safe than it needs to be.


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