Secretary Foxx and NHTSA Continue Driving Under the Influence of GM

Dear Care for Crash Victims Community Members:

Bloomberg reports:

“U.S. Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx said there’s no reason for General Motors Co. (GM) to pull cars affected by its ignition-switch recall off the road while waiting for new parts to be available.

Foxx said in a May 6 letter to lawmakers that he’s satisfied GM has limited safety risk by advising customers of precautions to take until their cars are repaired.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration examined the geometry and physics of the cars’ keys, ignition switches and steering columns, Foxx said. Regulators evaluated GM’s testing of cars driven with a single ignition key under different road conditions and believe they’re safe, he said.

“NHTSA is satisfied that for now, until the permanent remedy is applied, the safety risk posed by the defect in affected vehicles is sufficiently mitigated,” Foxx said in the letter to Senators Edward Markey of Massachusetts and Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut.”


This raises questions of who in NHTSA provided this advice? Was anyone at NHTSA involved that previously worked for GM or another auto company? Or reported to someone who previously did so? Or is hopeful of future corporate rewards? The evidence is growing that

NHTSA has been driving under the influence of GM since 2001.


When NHTSA won’t even issue a public safety advisory, what is the public to do? As Nader recently said about his new book

Unstoppable” politicians need to hear the rumble of the people.

Listen to his eloquent lecture at:

The media has a role here to inform motorists to protect themselves, because, sadly, the present DOT NHTSA management won’t.

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