Used and Unsafe Vehicles For Sale – Along With Too Many Public Officials

Used and Unsafe Vehicles For Sale – Along With Too Many Public Officials

January, 2017

Dear Care For Crash Victims Community Members:

People who can’t afford to buy new cars recently voted for change.  The result is an election that put Republicans in political control of the White House and both Houses of Congress.

Both the Democrat and Republican parties and the media have let the public down for decades in the area of auto safety.   See

Now Michael R. Lemov has written an article on the life or death problems of sale of used cars that have been recalled but not fixed thanks to legal loopholes in existence for 50 years.  See

Now as we approach the 4 Millionth death in America due to vehicle violence we find we are largely on our own.
Consumer Reports offers a Used Car Buying Guide to help Americans buy wisely and safely.  See

Most people and politicians do not know that more people by far die of vehicle violence injuries in Red States than in Blue States.  There is in reality a huge need and justification for bi-partisan support for safety measures to protect people in all States.
As Ralph Nader wrote about the power of fairness and common sense that most people share in Unstoppable:
“Campaigning for President in 1980 in Michigan, he (Reagan) attacked the proposed air bag standard as restricting our freedom.  I sort of agreed with him.  Upon being asked for comment by a Detroit reporter, I said, “Yes, the air bag does restrict the driver’s and passenger’s freedom to go through the windshield in a crash.” (p.40)
We the people must demand safety from both parties.  President Trump in his inauguration address said “We will make America safe again.”  It is the American people’s job to hold him accountable such that his deeds match his words.  See
Lou Lombardo


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