The Car Book 2017

The Car Book 2017

Dear Care for Crash Victims Community Members:

This year, the 37th Edition, is out.  This edition has a wonderful tribute by author Jack Gillis to the life saving work of Clarence Ditlow.


Jack notes how he and Clarence worked together to continue publishing The Car Book after the Reagan Administration stopped its publication by NHTSA.


Included is a Tribute from Ralph Nader to Clarence on p. 53. noting that his work and the Center’s has contributed to the saving of an estimated 330,000 lives over the past 40 years.

Michael Brooks, current Acting Director of the Center for Auto Safety notes in an excellent Preface that when the 1966 Motor Vehicle and Traffic Safety Acts became law the fatality rate in the U.S. was nearly 26 fatalities per hundred thousand population.  Today it is about 10 fatalities per hundred thousand population.  Had the earlier rate continued 83,000 lives would have been lost in 2014 instead of the expected 38,700 expected in 2016.

The daily losses are still a massive national tragedy:


*  more than 100 deaths per day
*  400 serious injuries per day
*  $2 Billion in costs per day as valued by NHTSA

What I like most about the handy Car Book is that in addition to the one page summary ratings of each model vehicle, there is reliable auto buying advice.  Useful information on insurance, tires, warranties, reliability, maintenance, and safety options all in one place.  I keep it in my trunk with all auto repair bills.


The Car Book information helps people make wise choices on one of the most expensive and dangerous consumer products.


The Center for Auto Safety web site will have a link to purchase the Car Book up next week.  See


Please buy it, be safe, write about it, and help us all be safer.


Lou Lombardo