Invitation to Lecture at Emory University By A Leader of Vision Zero Policy: Claes Tingvall

Dear Care for Crash Victims Community Members:

I have been asked by Dr. Mark L.Rosenberg to invite our readers to attend this lecture on May 7, 2007 when Dr. Tingvall will receive an honorary degree.

I urge all who can do so to attend and meet Dr. Tingvall. The invitation is attached.

For a Wikipedia description of the progress of Vision Zero policy adoption around the U.S. and the world see:

I have had the honor, privilege, and pleasure of working on safety issues since the 1980s when I was at NHTSA and Dr. Rosenberg was at CDC.  See

One landmark report to Congress “Cost of Injury in the U.S., 1989” (out of print) for which we were acknowledged is now available, along with later valuations of injury costs, at

It is appropriate that Dr. Rosenberg is making this invitation to our readers to meet Dr. Tingvall.  The losses due to motor vehicle violence now amount to more than $2 Billion per day in the U.S.A. today as valued by DOT.

Lou Lombardo

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