Proposed Loophole Protects Corporations Building Autonomous Vehicles – Not People

Dear Care for Crash Victims Community:

CNN reports:

“People riding in selfdriving cars that crash could find themselves unable to hold the manufacturer accountable if legislation currently pending on Capitol Hill is passed, consumer advocates warn.

They caution that the legislation under consideration in the Senate benefits big tech and car companies at the expense of average Americans.”

Nader warns:

“Going back 50 years, I’ve never seen a more brazen attempt to escape the rule of safety law, and the role of the courts to be accessible to their victims,” longtime consumer advocate Ralph Nader told CNN. “With their unproven, secretive technology that’s fully hackable, the autonomous vehicleindustry wants to close the door on federal safety protection and close the door to the court room.”

“The largest players in the selfdriving car industry, Waymo, GM’s Cruise, Ford, Zoox, Toyota, Tesla, Uber and Lyft, all declined to comment for this story. The SelfDriving Coalition for Safer Streets, an industry lobbying group, also declined to comment.” 

Five (only 5 so far) U.S. Senators all Democrats have written in favor of safety and justice for people that will be injured in self driving vehicles.

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