“Batman” Killed in Crash – An Example of Societal Loss

“Batman” Killed in Crash – An Example of Societal Loss

August, 2015

Dear Care for Crash Victims Community Members:

When people die of crash injuries it results in losses to families and society – forevermore.   Tragically, in many more ways than we know, most stories of crash victims that die or are seriously injured are given brief passing notice by media and society.  Insights into the societal losses are too often missing in the media.

All are important stories.  But some stories illustrate the impact on society more than others.  This is one such story.

“Leonard Robinson, 51, of Owings Mills, retired after selling a commercial cleaning company he founded. He then spent his time dressing as Batman, visiting and lifting the spirits of sick children in hospitals for more than a decade

Robinson was hit by a car Sunday night in western Maryland after his custom vehicle—a Batmobile replica—had engine trouble and stopped partly in the fast lane on Interstate 70, Maryland State Police reported.”


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